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Where To Start Looking For Renting an Apartment in Montenegro

To have a place to stay when you go to Montenegro, whether you are going for a vacation or starting a new life there, renting an apartment can allow you to feel home. However, this solution comes with its own challenges too.

As a foreigner, it can be quite difficult to find apartments to rent. Because you may not know about the methods that local property owners use to advertise their rental properties. Fortunately, these days everything works through the internet. So, finding such apartments is relatively easier. But you would still need to know where to look.

Here, we are looking at the top websites and services that you can use for finding apartments to rent in Montenegro. So, you can use these platforms to check the local rental real estate market and the best options for your needs.

Where To Start Looking For Renting an Apartment in Montenegro

The platforms that you may get the best results can change based on the amount of time in which you will need an apartment to stay. If you are visiting Montenegro for just a few days, you may be better by using services that focus on short-term rentals. But if you need a home to live in for a long-term, real estate listing websites may be better for you.

Here, you can see the most popular platforms for finding apartments in Montenegro:



Airbnb is one of the biggest worldwide lodging finding platforms. On this platform, you mostly see small motels, house stay options, and private room renters. This platform features many listings from Montenegro as well. It is especially popular for touristic towns of the country, As you can imagine, the apartment options you will find on Airbnb are typically priced at daily rates. So, it useful if you need a place for a short stay. is one of the biggest websites in the travel sector. The website allows accommodation and travel businesses to publish listings for their services. This platform is quite popular in Montenegro as well. Again, this website is more useful for short time stays. Because, although you can switch the search engine to ‘Apartments’ mode, most listings you will find here will be priced on a daily rate.



Nekretnine365 is an established real estate website that works in multiple Balkan countries, like Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia, and Croatia, as well as some European countries such as Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. This website is quite popular in the Balkans. You can find many rental apartments from Montenegro on the platform, both for short-term and long-term options.



Although it looks a bit unassuming, Realitica is one of the most popular real estate listing platforms in Montenegro. The website focus on offering a search engine without being fancy. If you get used to the style of this search engine, you can find many rental properties on this website. Just select your filters and enter some keywords to the search engine.


Where To Start Looking For Renting an Apartment in Montenegro