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Why Investors Should Consider Montenegro

Investors Must Consider Montenegro

Many real estate investors miss the market that is growing in Montenegro. However, this market is one of the most promising property markets around the world. So, you would be missing a lot if you do not consider making investments in Montenegro.

The country features one of the fastest-growing economies in Europe. There have been many investors who are coming from different countries to buy properties or start companies here. This is because the country has huge potential. But these investments also increase this potential.

Real Estate Market In Montenegro

While the real estate market is growing and developing, it attracted many real estate investors. Although this caused the property prices to increase a bit, they are still more affordable than most other similar places.

Most foreign real estate buyers look for properties that they can use during their vacations. This makes luxury properties like villas or off-plan apartments quite popular. But, of course, there are budget options in the market as well.

Foreign investors In Montenegro

As we mention often, Montenegro gets more and more foreign investment. It basically doubles what it was each year. Some foreigners just want to have a home here where they can have fun. But many people just buy properties to resell or rent for income.

Foreign investors After the 2008 global economical crisis, Russian investors helped Montenegro’s economy a lot by investing in the real estate market. These days, there are even more investors from the UK, Ireland, France, and Germany. North American and Turkish investors also started to show a high interest in the country lately. So, making an investment here now can allow you to benefit from these interests too.

Locations To Buy Properties

All across Montenegro, there are countless natural attractions. There are national parks, rivers, forests, snowy ski locations, and of course signature sandy beaches. Many real estate investors consider the location where they buy properties based on these attractions. If you are hoping to be able to find foreign investors for your property in the future, you should consider these areas for your investment as well.

Understandably, coastal are especially popular in the real estate market. As the climate in the county is warm and suitable for summer vacations, the market for vacation homes is quite busy and properties do not stay in this market without attention for long.

The most popular coastal town of Montenegro would be Budva, Petrovac, and Sveti Stefan. These locations have been experiencing a huge increase in real estate investments. Thanks to the Adriatic Sea, these locations attract high tourist traffic, mostly during the summer. So, there is always a demand for properties in these towns, especially in Budva.

Towns around Kotor Bay are also quite popular locations. You may want to start your research with the town that gives the bay its name, Kotor. Here, there are many tourist attractions and it is a good option for many tourism investors. Here you can find many old stone houses which are liked by many people.

Tivat is the second most popular location in Kotor Bay. This town is more focused on luxurious yacht tourism with its famous marina. Therefore there are many properties in the location that offers more luxury and additional benefits, such as off-plan properties.

There are of course other beautiful towns around the Bay of Kotor. These locations, such as Perast, Morinj, Prcanj, and others, may allow you to find lower prices for similar properties. This is, of course, because of their lower popularity. But they all are quite beautiful and nearby to those more popular areas. So, they are certainly worth considering.

On the other hand, the inner part of the country is also developing fast both in the industrial and tourism sectors. For example, the capital, Podgorica, is a highly developed and growing city where you can still find properties under what they will be worth in a short time. Numerous worldwide companies have plans to make investments here. So the city has the potential for sudden development In the near future, we can expect a huge demand in the market. So, it is a perfect place for property investment as well.

In short, anywhere that you will buy a property in Montenegro, shows high potential. Each real estate market offers properties that are small paradises with easy access to the beautiful nature of the country. So, it is a smart move to make an investment in Montenegro.

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Why Investors Should Consider Montenegro