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Renting Apartments in High Season vs Low Season

Starting a new life in Montenegro is certainly exciting. And like how it is with any new county you move to, in some ways it can be challenging, because you may not know many critical things about this new place.

One of the first things that you will need here is, of course, a place to stay. Rather than directly buying a property, it is wise to use a rental place in your early times in Montenegro.

But of course, there are some important details you need to be careful about this, like the time you rent the apartment. To help you, here we are looking at the differences between the times that you can rent an apartment in Montenegro.

High Season vs Low Season

As a country that benefits tourism a lot, in the most popular places in Montenegro property owners adjust the rental prices for their properties according to the demand.

Especially in the summer, when there are so many tourists who need places to stay, prices in the rental markets show a significant increase. This period shows itself most noticeably with the start of June. The prices peaking around July and August, the season lasts a while until the tourist traffic starts to slow down around the end of September. In Montenegro, this period is considered the High Season of the real estate market.

It is not only more expensive but also more difficult to find rental properties during this high-season in Montenegro. Even when you find empty apartments, they are often overpriced. These prices are often daily rated. And if you contact the property owner for a bargain on a long-term contract may prefer to keep it for a possible short-term renter who would be willing to pay more. So, you may need to look for more distant locations from the city centers and the sea in coastal areas.

On the other hand, the low-season in Montenegro, which can be considered starting with October to end of April, offers much better options. During this period, the demand for rentals drops. So, the prices decrease as well. most prices turn into more affordable monthly rates.

Even in the most popular areas, during the low-season, properties often stay empty. So, the owners are willing to accept lower rents rather than nothing. So, you can find not only more options but also cheaper rents in monthly rates. If you go them and tell them that you want to rent their property for the whole low-season you can get even better deals.

Although renting an apartment offseason can allow you to get better deals, you should also consider expanding your contract term for better results. Not only to save more money but also to be able to spend your time more comfortable, instead of renting a short term tourist-oriented property, you would be better by renting a long-term apartment.

As we mentioned, low-season offers lower prices, if you rent an apartment for the whole three months of this off-season it is cheaper and easier than an option with a shorter-term. But you can get even better prices if you rent an apartment for a proper long term. We would recommend considering making a contract for at least 6 months. Ideally, a full year-long contract would allow you to get the best offer results. So, the owner would not need to worry about balancing the winter losses with summer rents.


Renting Apartments in High Season vs Low Season