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Things to Know While Renting a Property to in Montenegro

When you need a place to stay during your vacations, or when you are starting a new life, renting a real estate is a great way to have a home. Instead of making a huge investment by buying a property right away, which can be quite risky especially if you do not know this new country well enough yet, renting a place allows you to get customers to the country and the market, hence making better investments.

Of course, this logic applies to Montenegro as well. If you are starting a new life here, or want a place to escape to, starting with a rental property is the smarter way. Then you can consider your options to buy a real estate and get a residence permit later.

Here we are going to look at what you should know to find a property to rent in Montenegro. You can use these tips and consider the factors we mention to ensure your satisfaction.

Property Types You Can Rent in Montenegro

In Montenegro, there are many types of properties that you might find in the rental real estate market.

One common option you will see often is the “One-bedroom apartments”. These are not only apartments with a single bedroom and multiple other rooms. In these apartments, you do not have separate spaces for living. Other than the bathroom, you will have a large living room with an open kitchen. You will use convertible sofas as your beds. Many Montenegrins live in apartments of this type.

Another common type is the Townhouse. These are usually detached houses. They are mostly available in developing neighborhoods, especially in Podgorica. Usually, they are not large houses, but they are not too small too.

If your budget allows it, you can also find villas. This type of rental houses sare mostly around touristic cities of Montenegro. Although they are more expensive to rent, they come with more benefits, such as some space around the property, a parking place or garage, and perhaps a swimming pool. Some rental villas also come with some services like cleaning, gym access, or security systems.

Rental Terms in Montenegro

Other than the property type, you should also consider the rental term while you are looking for a place to rent. In Montenegro, because of popularity for tourists, most rentals are available for short terms. This can be just a week, a month, or 3 months during the summer. Because of the popularity, short term rentals in this season have a higher cost per day.

If you are not looking for a place to stay just for your summer vacation, you might need to rent the place in a time other than the summer. These times are called off-season in the real estate market. Of course, you can find rental properties for cheaper in these times. If you want to save money and your goal is to start a life in Montenegro, you may consider coming in the off-season and renting a place for cheaper.

On the other hand, if you are starting a life here, you may also consider renting place long-term. This can allow you the have a proper home until you find the best property to buy or save up enough money.

Since most Montenegrin rental property owners always need to deal with short-term tenancy because they target tourists, some of them worry about having their property left empty. So, when you go them with a long-term renting offer, they usually prefer this over a short term tenant, and they may accept lower rent amounts with a long-term contract.

These are the basics that you should know when you are looking for a rental property in Montenegro. If you are also interested in the average rental costs, and the ways that you can find rental properties in Montenegro, you may want to check our respective guides regarding these topics as well.

Things to Know While Renting a Property to in Montenegro