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Tips for Renting a Property in Montenegro

When you are going to stary in Montenegro for a while, either to start a new life here or for your vacations, renting a property usually a better way to have a place to live in. Compared to staying in a hostel or motel, renting a place allows you to have a home and the comfort of privacy.

But renting a place can be difficult in a new country. You may not know about the important thing in this new country. So, we gathered some tips for you. Down here, you can find our tips for renting a property in Montenegro.

Tips for Renting a Property in Montenegro

The first and obvious thing to consider is the location of the property that you want to rent. You may like the building and the price a lot but after you start to live in it and learn about the surrounding area and the other places in the city, you may find other areas you would like to live in. So, you should take your time and do some research about the city before renting a place. Filter your options based on the important places you want to live close. For example, in the coastal areas of Montenegro, if you find significantly cheaper apartments to rent, they are probably away from the sea.

Another important thing that you should be careful about if you are going to Montenegro in the winter is the heating. As a country with really warm weather overall, here most properties do not feature a central heating system. But the winters here can be really cold as well. So, if you do not be careful about certain features of the building, you may experience serious cold. You should have your eyes open for included heating solutions like room heaters, as well as the key features of the buildings like isolation and the amount of direct sunlight they get. You can get a hint about the building is cold and badly isolated by checking if there are any molding marks anywhere around the interior.

Interestingly, Montenegrin people are usually open to negotiations about rental prices. Especially if you are going to rent a property during the low-season or if you are interested in renting a place for a long period, like more than 6 mounts or a year, you may come up with your offers and negotiate about the contract. This way, you may get much better prices.

When it comes to signing a rent contract, be sure that the property owner checked and paid off any existing bills the property might have such as the electricity or water. If you sign the contract without knowing that there are no current bills to pay when you enter the property, you can avoid later problems where you may be required to cover more than you use in the first months. It is also useful to record the numbers on the meters when you sign the contract.

Also, as you will notice during your researches, in Montenegro almost all rental properties come with furniture. This allows you to start living in the property without any worry about finding vital pieces of furniture like appliances. However, this doesn’t mean that rental properties always come with the brand new or even undamaged. So, you would want to check these items when you are renting a place. See if there are any broken electronics, pots, plates, or glasses. Especially white good can be a pain if they turn out to be broken after you rent the property. If you do not check these while renting, the property owner may think that you broke these things and it may be a problem in the end.


Tips for Renting a Property in Montenegro